Thursday, October 28, 2021

SUGARLOAF SOCIAL CLUB - Solo Tripping Through Nebraska #1-5

I've mentioned on T.F.M. a few times lately and if you follow along on Instagram, you've likely seen that I've been spending quite a bit of time playing golf in my free time.  I'm still way too deep into fly fishing but have really enjoyed the process of learning, and getting better at, something new.  
Along the way, I've found a few small shop brands, content creators, and gear makers to follow and Sugarloaf Social Club scratched an itch early on.  SSC is parts newsletter, swag, Instagram, and the Hidden Gem Map should not be missed.  As a bonus, Ian Gilley and Harrison Lewis of SSC are both finding their way into fly fishing while I'm finding my way to golf.  Cool, eh?

Ian recently jumped on a plane to Denver and then road tripped over to Nebraska to play golf at ten different golf courses and put together dispatches of each stop on the Sugarloaf Social Club Instagram.  With permission, I asked to share them here in two batches. 

Click through each of the golf course names atop the photograph to visit the Instagram post, check out the photo snaps, and take in each of these stellar stories...


Check out the Sugarloaf Social Club website and be sure that you're following along on Instagram too.

Look for the second post with the last five stops soon on T.F.M. and maybe a fun Q&A to follow with Harrison and Ian at some point as well.

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