Friday, November 26, 2021

GLASS DEALS - Black Friday to Cyber Monday & Beyond

I don't know about you but my inbox has been filled (and overflowing) with gift guides and email blasts of sales of all sorts.  I'm going to stay in my lane and just focus on the rod builders and rod companies who are offering some sort of holiday discount today through the holidays.  
As in years past, I'm sure that this post will be updated frequently to keep up with the latest promos.

If you need a push, Christmas is a GREAT time to give the gift of glass. 
As in years past, Blue Halo is offering 25% everything in their online shop though quantities are limited.
The folks at Epic Fly Rods have a holiday gift with purchase promo going on now and the biggest thing to consider is that all holiday orders need to be placed by December 1st to ensure Christmas delivery from New Zealand.  
With an online store that is full of all sorts of gift ideas, JP Ross has both a Black Friday and an upcoming Cyber Monday deal to check out.  

For Black Friday only, order the Beaver Meadow S-Glass Adams Fly Rod or the Beaver Meadow S-Glass Zen Trout Black and you'll receive a Mini Reel which is worth $79.  In the notes with the order add "Whats My Line" for a complimentary fly line to complete the outfit.  All other Black Friday deals on the Cabin Clean-Out page.

For Cyber Monday, all Beaver Meadow S-Glass Blanks will be discounted $50 off each blank purchased.  

Keep an eye on the JP Ross Fly Rods & Co. Facebook and Instagram for updates as JP likes to push out some surprises from time to time.

Use code "KDDHAANS5Z3K" for 10% off this stunning Kabuto Rods 8033. 

There is only ONE fly rod being offered with this discount.
There's a lot on sale on the Moonlit Fly Fishing website but take a hard look at both the Lunar S-Glass and Nirvana SuperGLASS offerings.  I'm a fan of both series and have spent a fair bit of time with the 7-weight Lunar S-Glass and the 6-weight Nirvana SuperGLASS fly rods over the last year or so.  

UPDATE - For Cyber Monday, T.F.M. followers who use code "TFMCYBERMONDAY20" will receive an additional 20% off fly rods purchased on the Moonlit Fly Fishing or Leland Fly Fishing websites.

I don't know much about the Moonshine Rod Co. but the social chatter on The Revival glass rod always seems to be positive.  There's a discount to take advantage of if you've been looking at one.

The deal of all fiberglass fly rod (S-Glass with Zentron fiber) blank deals continues on the North Fork Composites website with the Iconoglass blanks discounted to $75 each.  I believe that this sale lasts through the month of November so I wouldn't delay on getting one or several on order for your winter rod building project pile. 

Use discount code "HOLIDAYS2021" for 20% off your fly rod and fly reels order at Red Truck Fly Fishing and I believe James Park is tossing in a sharp looking RTFF trucker cap too.

Fly rods, kits, and blanks are on sale through the weekend.  Those RFT Gear blanks are still intriguing to me as I've heard nothing but good news on them.  Don't sleep on the Red Truck Glass kits either.

We typically don't see sales of any sort from the folks at Tom Morgan Rodsmiths but they are offering $225 off on Custom Orders and have a few In Stock Rods available too.  Looks like sale prices will be good through December 3rd.  Their Holiday Gift Guide is fun for a look-see too.

Didn't find what you're looking for?  The T.F.M. Fiberglass Rod Makers page is a one stop listing of all the fly rod builders and rod companies that I am aware of.  Please email if you know of someone should be included.
What's on your Christmas list this year?

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Joel said...

thanks for all the good leads. I decided to pull the trigger and get a moonlit 6'8" 3wt blank to build out. I've been curious to see what they are like.

Also... not really a black friday specific sale, but has diamondback meeker blanks for $45.