Friday, May 6, 2022

PAUL PUCKETT - The Mexico Trip Notes

A few Aprils ago, I ventured down to Mexico to The Palometa Club for a week and in the evenings while everyone was having a couple drinks and munching on appetizers at the outside bar,  artist Paul Puckett would bring out his large hardbound sketch book, jot down a few notes, and then fill in the empty spaces by sketching. 

Paul does this trip just about every spring and he's created a tome with his sketchbook on Mexico and the many other places that he's traveled to over the years.  The journals are just so fun to read through and I really dig the loose ink sketches that accompany each page.

Click on each image and maybe bust out your magnifying glass.  It's worth it.

Follow along with Paul Puckett on Instagram and don't forget about Flood Tide Co. either.

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