Thursday, August 31, 2023

ECHO FLY FISHING - The Bad Ass Glass Quickshot Series Grows

This morning I slow scrolled through the 150+ in draft T.F.M. blog posts to find one that should have gone out months ago on the new addition to the ECHO Fly Fishing Bad Ass Glass lineup with the 8' 5-weight.  I think I was waiting for them to update the website to show this new model online and hadn't checked on it in a bit.  It's up there now and with this 5-weight, there is now SIX fly rods in the Bad Ass Glass family to choose from. 

I am a longtime fan of the Bad Ass Glass fly rods and this 5-weight is a perfect warmwater workhorse for creeks, ponds, and in the case of this smallmouth, Lake Michigan island lagoons.  It has all the punch ou need with a progressive taper, handles bass bug and other exaggerated head fly lines great, and I like the eight foot length found throughout this series. 

All in all, you can't beat these fly rods for the money and I think just about everyone who spends much time in warmwater or saltwater should have the 5-weight, 8-weight, and 10-weight.  Add any of the others if you like.

Not familiar with the Bad Ass Glass fly rods from ECHO Fly Fishing?  You can read more about them in these previous T.F.M. posts...

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