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L. KENNEY RODS - Updated Fly Rod Models for 2022

There is a sliding scale when it comes to small shop custom builders and how much of a presence of their own that they cultivate on the internet and social media.  Some are all in and others, like quietly famed fly rod taper designer and builder, Larry Kenney, are what I would say is "underground".  

Case in point.  If you visit the T.F.M. Fly Rod Makers page, the link for L. Kenney Rods goes back to the last T.F.M, update post like this which from 2011.  No website of his own.  Zero social media.  Just an email, a mailing address, and enough orders that find their way to his books to stay "busy enough".  I like it.
Take a moment to scroll down through the current models and do note that Mr. Kenney does sell blanks along with finished fly rods.  The Model 886 and Model 887 sure have my attention...


All models are built on unsanded semi translucent brown blanks with lightweight, white spigot ferrules.  Grips on all models are a modified Full Wells, in lengths and diameters appropriate to the rod.  All models come with partitioned cloth liner and screw top aluminum rod tube.  Deduct $40 from the price of a rod if you don’t want or need an aluminum tube.

Model 733 - 7’3” - 3-Piece - #3 Line
A delicate, responsive little rod designed for small flies and accurate casts out to 35 feet or so, though it will cast longer if you must.  Its medium-soft, progressive action makes it a great choice for anglers who fish small streams.

Built only with my down-sliding cork spacer slide band reel seat for $635. Blanks are $295.

Model 794 - 7’9” - 3-Piece - #4 Line
A supple, smooth-casting progressive action rod that I think hits a sweet-spot for fiberglass in both length and line weight.  Long enough for medium size waters, short enough for smaller ones, delicate enough to handle light tippets, but with sufficient power to handle a #10 dry or a reasonably sized weighted nymph.

$635 with cork slide band, uplock wood or uplock cork spacer reel seat.  Blanks are $295.

Model 8055 - 8' - 5-Piece - #5 Line

A 5 weight fly line is the standard for trout fishing from Maine to California (or, for that matter, from New Zealand to Slovenia) and 8 feet is a reasonable length for all but the smallest or largest streams. The 8055 is a sweet 5-piece rod that breaks down to 20” (21” in it’s 2” diameter aluminum tube) and thus fits in just about any travel duffel or suitcase. In terms of performance, the 8055 casts as well as any rod I build, is capable of handling a wide range of flies and surprisingly large fish. The small diameter tip ferrule is reinforced internally with graphite.

$675 with cork slide band seat, uplock wood or uplock cork spacer seat. Blanks are $350.

Model 813 - 8’1” - 3-Piece - #3 Line
A very light, smooth, longish 3 wgt., built at the urging of some friends at the Golden Gate Angling and Casting Club and now a favorite of mine. Supple, yet by no means wimpy, it can deliver a fly very gently, but can still achieves the line speed needed for accurate, delicate presentations out to 45 feet or so. It’s a lovely rod for small dries and nymphs when the wind isn’t blowing hard.

$635 with cork slide band, uplock wood or uplock cork spacer reel seat. Blanks are $295.

Model 824 - 8’2” - 3-Piece - #4 Line
My model 824 splits the difference between the 813 and the 835, both in length and increased firmness of action. And with a little more punch than my model 794 it rivals the 835 as an all around light trout rod.

$635 with wood or uplock cork spacer reel seat. Blanks are $295.

Model 835 -  8’3” - 3-Piece - #5 Line
The 835 is a favorite of mine: a particularly pleasant, well-balanced, all-around trout rod. Supple tipped for close-in casting and light tippet work, it has enough diameter and punch in the mid and butt to reach out to 60 or 70 feet, turn over a wide range of fly sizes, and control larger trout. You can cast smooth open loops easily, or push the rod to tighten up without it becoming unstable.

$635 with cork slide band, uplock wood or uplock cork spacer reel seat. Blanks are $295

Models 884 and 885 - 8’8” - 3-Piece - #4 Line and #5 Line
A number of my friends at the Golden Gate Angling and Casting Club encouraged me to come up with longer 4 and 5 weight rods. These rods are the result. They’re built on a faster taper, with larger diameters, than my 824 and 835. As a result they’re beefier, more suited to big water and longer casts, but they still have a pleasant progressive fiberglass action and are able to handle light tippets.

$675 with uplock wood or uplock cork spacer reel seats.  Blanks are $295.

Models 886 and 887 - 8’8” - 3-Piece - #6 Lines / 8’9” - 3-Piece - #7 Lines
These two are powerful powerful fishing tools with that hard-to-describe feeling of controlled flex that’s a particular virtue of good glass. At under 4 oz, they’re still pretty light in hand with tips responsive enough to handle short line presentations, and progressive actions that put more of the rod into play as you extend line. They make excellent streamer and light steelhead rod, and are great fun with smaller hair bugs and poppers for bass.  The 887 is generally built as a freshwater rod with wood uplock seat and black nickel snake guides and Mildrum stripper.  If you plan to fish the salt, I can build it with a full metal uplock seat and hard chrome snakes and striper guide.

$675 with either seat.  Blanks are $295.

Please note back order times are currently 4-5 months months from date of order.  That frustrates me as much as it does you. 

To order a rod let me know the model, your reel seat choice if a choice is offered for that model, and your USPS shipping address

Sending an email to is the best way to reach me.

I don’t require or take deposits.  Order and I’ll add you to my list, off which I build by date of order.   I’ll email you when I begin your rod to insure you still want it, quote the price plus shipping and provide a firm shipping date, by which time payment is due I accept payment personal by check, money order or direct transfer to my bank.

I no longer accept PayPal as their new reporting protocol over-complicates my book keeping

My address for payment by check is:

L. Kenney Rods
260 Bungalow Avenue
San Rafael, CA 94901

For California residents or shipments to California addresses, please add 9.25% sales tax.

Shipping a fly rod became significantly more expensive as of April 2022 when USPS added a $15 handling surcharge to normal postal charges for packages over 30” in length.

Shipping within the Continental USA is via USPS Priority Mail, insured, for a single rod.

The shipping price for west of the Mississippi is $35 for fly rods and east of the Mississippi is $45.  $25 and $35, respectively, for blanks

Shipping charges for multiple rod shipments at above prices plus $10 per additional rod.

Shipments outside CONUS or to Alaska or Hawaii will be by USPS Priority or Express, insured, at postal rates quoted prior to shipment.

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