Saturday, June 18, 2022

PRE-ORDER SALE ENDING - Moonlit Nirvana PhoenixGLASS

Okay, I announced the $100 off pre-order sale on the Moonlit Fly Fishing Nirvana PhoenixGLASS with posts HERE and  HERE.  Now I'm giving you one last heads up that the discount price ends this weekend so if you've been on the fence, it's time to move on it. 

I've spent some time with the 4-weight and 5-weight and the 8-weight should be waiting on me when I get to Beaver Island next weekend.  I'm looking forward to bending it on a few carp and smallmouth.

Visit the Moonlit Fly Fishing website to check out the Nirvana PhoenixGLASS series and if you have any questions let me know with an email.  I always enjoy hashing out what your next fly rod purchase should be.

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