Saturday, January 21, 2023

YAMAME FLY RODS - The Making of the 'The Lightning'

The other day we talked about Nico Vreugdenhil of Yamame Fly Rods and his trip to visit Mike McFarland of McFarland Rod Company this past summer for a week that ultimately brought around the creation of his latest offering, 'The Lightning'.  You should read that T.F.M. post if you haven't already.

The Lightning is a 7'7" 4-weight, rolled in E-Glass and described as a "progressive and quick taper".

Read that last sentence again as typically the words "E-Glass" and "Quick" are not used together but Mike is a magician and I've seen him do this before.  

Nico wrote...  "A progressive and quick taper in E-Glass, 'The Lightning' is very light in the hand.  It's accurate and smooth casting.  It does his job also in windy conditions because of the power in the blank. A roll cast is an easy thing with it.  And catching fish with this rod gives you a lot of fun.

This rod is something to be very proud of. The rod is available in white, black and on request in green, tobacco or yellow."
Here is some background on Nico's making of this special fly rod.
With turning the hardware, I tried to make something different.  HMPE is a nice material which light, strong and it's recycled. It is also matching very good with Nickel Sliver.

I always use the best available quality silk.  I like a simple color shade wrapping, because it is elegant and clean. No poppy colours for me.

I turned the insert of a very old piece of bog oak which is between 5,000-7,500 years old.

To get this result as smooth as it is now, it got twenty layers of varnish.

I am making all the rod socks myself and the truth is in the details.

Interested in learning more about The Lightning?  Visit the Yamame Fly Rods website and be sure to follow along on Facebook and Instagram for the latest shop news.

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