Sunday, October 1, 2023

BERY FLY RODS - Epic 370 FastGlass II

I've mentioned it before that Paolo Bernabei of Ber Fly Rods always gets me with his stunning builds and he slyly slips in a T.F.M. decal into his completed fly rod build studio images. 

This Epic 370 Fast Glass II build is just stunning...T.F.M. decal or not.

Here's a few words on this build from Paolo...

"Another 370 from Epic, almost a twin of another one I built recently.  Light, lively and extremely precise fly rod.  The look of the rod is simple and clean as usual, only accents in the tone of brown, as required.
I used a selected fragment of warm brown-colored koa, from the Hawaiian Islands, ergal hardware with bakelite inlay, s.g. brown agate with white bands, green silk wrapps and brown tips. 

There is also a nice Ber rod tube to transport it safely.  All that remains now is to take her fishing.  I think my friend P.F.D.M. will have a lot of fun with her!"

Visit the Ber Fly Rods website for more of Paolo's work and follow along on Instagram too.

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