Thursday, February 29, 2024

BER FLY RODS - McFarland Rods “Aether” 7'7'' 3-Weight

Paolo Bernabei of Ber Fly Rods completed this McFarland Rods "Aether" blank build a few weeks ago but it's too beautiful not to share now.  It's also neat to see that Paolo is part of 'The Collective' with Alternative Tackle.  If you haven't poked around that website, you should as there is a ton of talent assembled amongst those internationally known fly rod builders.

Paolo wrote...  "This is also a glass blank "Special", rolled by Mike McFarland exclusively for 'Alternative Tackle'.  This construction is also part of my collaboration with 'the Collective' A.T.

The rod has a deep progressive action, with a butt that conserves a discrete reserve of power. Perfect for delicate and silent poses.

The look of the rod is very clean, as is my usual.  I chose a nice leopard wood fragment, a velvety slim-fit grip and my hardware retro-looking in ergal and POM.

Visit the Ber Fly Rods website to see more of Paolo's work and be sure to follow along with his latest shop news on Instagram.

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