Monday, February 19, 2024

FLYLAB - Epic Reference 686 Review

Have you heard of Flylab yet?  They are a membership driven fly fishing resource providing gear reviews, advise, partner deals, and more for $120 a year.  They launched earlier this year and it'll be an interesting model and website to see grow. 

One recent review of note, Andrew Steketee of Flylab does a deep dive on the Epic Reference 686 that is worth a read.  I've said it for years that this is the glass 6-weight from which all glass 6-weights are judged and this review is required reading if you've been considering this fly rod.

Want options?  The Epic 686 is offered as a Blank, Build Your Own Kit, in the Reference Series, or as a Reference 686 Combo with a fly reel and fly line.

There are a handful of glass fly rods that I think everyone should own and this is one of them. 

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