Thursday, March 28, 2024

CTS FISHING - CrystalGlass Fly Rod Kits

Would you believe that I've never built a fly rod?  I have to say that the urge is getting harder to resist with the many great choices in fly rod kits.  The latest CrystalGlass Fly Rod Kits from CTS Fishing are seemingly a step up from others and you have dozens of blank color choices to choose from.

There are six CrystalGlass Fly Rod Kits to choose from that span from their Quartz 7'6" 3-weight to the Quartz 8'6" 6-weight.  Depending on options chosen, prices for the kits range from $520 to $585.

Visit the CTS Fishing website and check out the new CrystalGlass Fly Rod Kits.

Which one do you want to build first?

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