Sunday, April 28, 2024

"OLD MAN HACK" - Always Travel with Slippers

Many of you likely know of Mike Sepelak, at least online and on social media.  He and I have traveled together for years on fly fishing trips and to shows.  He's what I lovingly call my "Old Man Friend" since there's twenty years that separate us and with age comes experience. 

One of the things I've picked up from Mike is that he always travels with slippers.  On weather days on Beaver Island, when it's cold and rainy outside, Mike's laid up on the couch with his slippers on, nose deep in a book.  Hanging out at the house down in the Louisiana marsh?  Mike's in his slippers.  It never fails.  Honestly, it's absolutely a pro travel move.    

What used to seem unnecessary is now essential and for the past year or so, I've also brought along a pair of slippers and experienced Mike's genius move.  If I've got room and weight to spare in my duffel suitcase, they'll go along with me from here on out.   

Need a suggestion on a great travel slipper?  I like the XTRATUF Homer II Slip On.  They have plush lining and maybe the best feature is an outsole that gives you some tread for inside and outside wear. 

What are your "Old Man Hacks"?  I'm almost 50 (SMH...) and need to know these things.


Reeltachy said...

No slippers but I always have flip flops packed.

Roger Bird said...

Flip flops for me too. And when it's cold -- a warm pair of socks.