Friday, September 24, 2010

Spotting Tails With Mad Mike

Though it seems like eons ago now, over the Labor Day weekend while down in Isle of Palms with the family, I was able to sneak away for a couple hours on Sunday evening to wade a hard flat with Mike Benson, a.k.a. "Mad Mike", from the Charleston Angler.

I've yet to touch my first fly caught redfish, and though still at zero, this trip got me a bit closer.  We arrived at the spot to find a little to much water to see tails easily but did come across a couple over the two hours that we were out.

Mad Mike's Copperhead Crab.  Too tasty for a redfish to pass up.

Mike did a great job of putting me on a few fish and I know he wanted to see if my old Heddon Pal seven weight fiberglass rod and Martin clicker reel could handle it.

Over the course of two hours I had one tailing redfish nose my fly line and spook and one tremendous eat on the crab fly only for me to set the hook poorly and miss.  Damn.

I promised my wife that I'd be back at the house for dinner and a walk on the beach but I needed to leave just as the tide was pulling out enough that we really could have seen some tails.  If I had just one more hour I think I might have touched my first redfish.  Oh well...there is always next time.

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Lucas Carroll said...

Perhaps the holiday season will bring better fortune? Nice post, jealous of the adventure for sure!