Tuesday, December 6, 2011

12 DAYS - Original Buff/Bug Slinger

There are few products that have been more perfectly designed for me than the Original Buff.  I've said it before but I don't tan at all and the various Buff's that I wear have saved me from over exposure to the sun countless times.

My fly fishing or paddling gear bags always include a couple Buff's and more times than not I start the day with one around my neck so I'm more apt to use it when it starts to get light.  Long sleeve tech shirts and a Buff are my standard summer uniform if I'm on the water.

I've been following the work of Rob McAbee of Bug Slinger since the near beginning of T.F.M. and over the years it's been interesting to watch the evolution of this company.  Rob continues to have thought forward and edgy designs in his clothing collections.

The joining of Original Buff and Bug Slinger for a full line up of offerings was genius and honestly makes complete sense.  Rob's got stellar design ideas and a Buff is just a perfect canvas to put that work on.  I have my eye the Meateater and Propaganda Buff's.  

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Buff and Bug Slinger have paired up and are offering four prizes packages which includes a Bug Slinger Buff, Bug Slinger Oilcan cap, Bug Slinger Tool Belt, and a few decals to complete the offering.

All you need to do to play is send an email with a short comment that you want in on this giveaway.  I will send you a confirmation email that it was received.  Winners will be chosen by random number generator.  Only one email per person please.  All emails must be received by midnight tonight to qualify for this gear giveaway.  Winners will be announced tomorrow morning.

Yesterday over 500 readers submitted emails and the random number generator picked Mike Schmidt, Michael McCreary, Mike Volensky, and Anna-Marie Parish as prize winners.

Congrats...but I've got to say that it's weird that three Mike's ended up being picked.


Mosqueiros said...

Muito bom.
very good

Cameron Mortenson said...

Mosqueiros...thanks. This is going to be a fun twelve days.

Anonymous said...

Still Trying for a win

d. nash said...

it is pretty much a done deal that I'll be here every day for a while. thanks for brightening up the holidays :)

whoamwe said...

Man, I want one of those camo hats.

Mike said...

but I've got to say that it's weird that three Mike's ended up being picked.

But not the right one! :-)

Dub The Thorax said...

Mike V here. Thanks!

jj wassom said...

Congrats to the 3- Mikes and to Anna-Marie!

Here's hoping your passing the same along to Jeff tomorrow! :0)