Friday, March 9, 2012

One by One T.F.O. SGII Build Complete

Remember the T.F.O. SGII fiberglass blank that I sent off last year to One by One Custom Rods?  Well, it's done and turned out just as I hoped that it would.

When Chas Legeza asked how I wanted them to build this blank up all I said was that I wanted a badass weave on this blank.  Everything else was in their hands.  Well...I guess I did also say please no single foot guides or a reverse half wells grip which I just overall don't like on my fly rods.

Chase wrote...  "Here is a quick run down on the build.  The grip has thin slices of burnt burled cork between each ring which gives it a very unique look.  It sort of reminds me of the old South Bend bamboo rods that had a groove cut in the cork every half inch.  We selected an aluminum seat with a mottled black/green anodizing to keep with the color scheme.  Black snake guides were selected for the same reason.  The decorative cross wrap was done in size A thread and wrapped closed meaning that no blank was allowed to show through.  The pattern is called the St. John's Cross and is wrapped with yellow and light green on the dark green background. This rod is the fastest rod that I have ever measured using the common cents system for rating rods.  7.65/80/68 if you are familiar with that system.  Heavier in power than the manufacture rating too.  This rod should cast wonderfully with a seven weight line with thirty feet of line out.  It is sure to be a wind cutter too!  I hope you enjoy."

The Mantra.

Badass Weave Indeed

I'll be picking up this build at the Midwest Fly Fishing Expo and it looks to be a great example of the work that the One by One crew can do.

I can't wait to get out on the pond with this fly rod with a few bass bugs.

Check out more work by One by One Custom Rods on their website.


Mark said...

So sexy...

My wife would go ga ga over this rod too - her fav. color is green, and her fav foosball team is Green Bay - so she'd double swoon over the green & gold wrap.

That really does look like one badass rod - most assuredly to be a bass getter, if not a saltwater critter getter.

I'm envious!

Rhythm Rider said...

The weave and wraps are great. Nice looking rod.