Monday, December 16, 2013

Beaver Island - A Look Back

This past summer I again made it back up to Beaver Island to fish with Indigo Guide Service, but this year was different than trips past for several reasons.  This was the first time that I hosted a trip and that comes with it's own ups and downs.  Filling the trip wasn't a problem and there were fellows signed up to go from both coasts with Jeff Price and Derrol Hammer, two from Michigan with Adam Tsaloff and Ken Frazee,  and Christian Hörgren of Fine Tackle few over from Sweden to attend the trip as well to celebrate his recent birthday.  Getting everyone to Beaver Island hit a hiccup when Derrol couldn't get out of the San Francisco airport due to plane crash earlier that weekend, which left us one short for the trip.

All the photographs from this trip can be viewed in this Flickr album.

As a first time host, I wanted to make sure that everyone's expectations were met in every aspect possible of the trip, which a couple days of poor weather (wind and rain) and the carp getting a severe case of the lockjaw had me stressing just a bit.  Fortunately everyone on the trip had a really excellent time anyhow, kept good spirits, enjoyed the camaraderie of the group, and we celebrated the two carp that were caught by both Christian and Ken.

Looking through these photos from the trip this past weekend, which are a compilation of snapshots from Christian, Jeff, Ken, and myself, it's certainly a reminder of what a good time was had even if the weather and carp angling weren't exactly what we expected.  Beaver Island is really a neat and unique place and spending a few days there with friends is well worth your time.  Oh yeah...and everyone caught just about the largest smallmouth bass of their lives which was cool to see too.

In some ways I'm not sure the fellows at Indigo Guide Service knew what to do with this group of glass geeks and gear freaks but they played along.  Everyone on the trip fishes primarily glass or bamboo, which really isn't the norm, but we had a good time doing it.  Adam brought along a bamboo spinning rod that had been made by Sweetgrass Rods which one of the guides dubbed "The Antichrist" but did allow for someone to be pitching lures to smallmouth while the angler in the front cast flies.  Beaver Island is a good proving ground for heavy weight glass since the flats style angling and bruiser carp will tell you if the fly rod can handle the work.

I am not sure what is in store for next summer.  It's not looking like I will host a trip again next summer (likely will the summer of 2015) but still hope to get up to Beaver Island at least for a couple days to put a fly in the mouth of one of the local carp.  Or a smallmouth.  I am totally cool with them too.  

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Interested in a trip to Beaver Island to pursue giant carp and smallmouth?  Check out the Indigo Guide Service website, Third Coast Fly blog for more information.  Prime dates for next summer are already filling up. 

Give a look to the Carp Trip website for the dates and information on the hosted trips for 2014.

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